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Repairing Fireplace Brick

A properly constructed chimney has two (or more)layers that are fire-resistant, such as two layers of brick, two walls of steel, or steel that has been insulated with stone wool. However, if a break does occur, there's a chance that flames will break through these layers and get to the combustible materials close to the firebox. If the gap is wider, burning embers might also accidentally blow through it and into the wall. Any crack in a fireplace, no matter how small needs to be fixed right away coz it poses a serious fire risk.

Damper Restoration

Think of your chimney as a tube, and the damper as a flap that closes the tube.
It will eventually become impossible for the metal damper to close tightly and form a tight seal because it will become bent or coated
in rust, creosote, or ashes.
If your damper doesn't close tightly you'll be losing significant heat from your house through your chimney.

Deep Cleaning of the Chimney Flue

The National Fire Protection Association advises that utility and chimney flues be cleaned at least once per year for both homeowners and renters. Utility flues that are blocked or clogged can be just as dangerous as a dirty chimney. The hazardous gas will leak into your house if the carbon monoxide produced by your boiler or water heater cannot vent outside through the flue.

Repair of Metal Flashing

Roof flashing is one of the most important components of your roof. Since these areas frequently experience heavy rainfall, it is the thin material, which is typically made of galvanized steel, that is used to anchor joints in valleys, dormers, chimneys, and skylights. When flashing becomes loosened or damaged, these exposed surfaces are vulnerable to water damage. In essence, flashing protects the corners where the roof meets adjacent structures.

Hardy Plank Siding Replacement

The issue is that fiberboard, even when maintained properly, is not a long-lasting material for your home's exterior. It is very prone to swelling, rotting, and deterioration. Because of this, a chimney that appears to be in good condition from the ground may actually be completely rotten and allow water to enter the house.

Chimney Crown Repair/ Rebuild

The severely fractured chimney crown warms and cools when you light a fire in your fireplace or wood stove in the winter. When the temperature falls below freezing, any rainwater that has been absorbed into the crown of your chimney will freeze and thaw, causing expansion and contraction. It is essential to prevent water from ever getting inside the chimney crown in the first place because doing so eventually causes your crown to deteriorate and crack. Depending on the degree of the damage, the crown will either need to be repaired or totally replaced.

Welcome to Instant Chimney Service and price pricing!

At Instant Chimney, we believe in providing our customers with fair and transparent pricing. Our commitment to honesty and integrity means that you can trust us to stand by industry standards when it comes to pricing our services. With our price list, you’ll find clear and comprehensive information about the cost of our chimney services, so you can make informed decisions about your chimney maintenance and repairs. At Instant Chimney, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality service at prices you can afford.

At Instant Chimney, our chimney sweep service is tailored to meet your specific needs and ensure the cleanliness and safety of your chimney. Our pricing typically ranges from $100 to $400, depending on several factors:

  1. Build-up and level of dirt: The extent of creosote build-up and the level of dirt within your chimney can impact the complexity and time required for the chimney sweep, thus influencing the pricing.
  2. Size of fireplace: The size of your fireplace can also affect the pricing, as larger fireplaces may require more time and effort to thoroughly clean.
  3. One or two-story home: The number of stories in your home can impact the accessibility of the chimney, with additional stories potentially requiring more equipment or time to complete the sweep.
  4. Dealing with animal extractions and rescue: If there are animals lodged within your chimney, our professionals will take the necessary steps to safely extract and rescue them. This additional service may incur extra charges.

At Instant Chimney, our fireplace restoration services are priced between $450 and $1,200, depending on several key factors:

  1. Type of Fireplace: The complexity of the restoration project can vary significantly based on the type of fireplace you have. Whether it's a traditional masonry fireplace, a gas fireplace, or a factory-built unit, each type may require different restoration techniques and materials.
  2. Size of Fireplace: The size of your fireplace plays a significant role in determining the overall cost of restoration. Larger fireplaces typically require more time and materials to complete the restoration process, which can impact pricing.
  3. Condition of the Fireplace: The extent of damage or deterioration in your fireplace will influence the cost of restoration. Factors such as the number of cracks, broken bricks, or missing components will be taken into account when calculating the final price.
  4. Complexity of Execution: Some restoration projects may involve additional complexities, such as intricate designs, custom features, or unique architectural elements. These factors can increase the overall cost of the project due to the specialized skills and materials required for execution.

At Instant Chimney, our damper repair services range from $200 to $700, depending on several key factors:

  1. Scope of Repairs: The cost of damper repairs can vary based on the extent of the damage and the complexity of the repairs needed. Minor repairs, such as tightening loose components or addressing minor rust, may fall on the lower end of the pricing spectrum, while more extensive repairs requiring replacement parts or significant restoration work may result in higher costs.
  2. Level of Rust: Rust accumulation on the damper can impact its functionality and durability. The level of rust present will be assessed to determine the appropriate repair approach, which may influence the overall cost of the service.
  3. Condition of Handle: Damper handles that are in good condition and securely attached may require minimal repair work, resulting in lower costs. However, if the handle is damaged or requires replacement, additional expenses may apply.
  4. Age and Damage: The age of the damper and the extent of damage will also affect the overall cost of repairs. Older dampers or those with extensive damage may require more extensive repair work or replacement parts, resulting in higher repair costs.

At Instant Chimney, our tuck pointing services, also known as repairing mortar joints on brick siding, range from $200 to $900, depending on two primary factors:

  1. Quantity of Joints: The total number of mortar joints that require repair will impact the overall cost of the tuck pointing service. More extensive damage or deterioration across multiple joints may require additional time and materials, resulting in higher pricing.
  2. Level of Risk: The height at which the tuck pointing work needs to be performed can influence the pricing of the service. Dealing with elevated areas or working at heights presents inherent risks that may require specialized equipment or safety measures, potentially affecting the overall cost of the project.

At Instant Chimney, our chimney metal flashing repair services offer flexible pricing options tailored to your specific needs:

  1. Minor Repairs: Beginning at $175, minor repairs address small-scale damage or wear on your chimney's metal flashing. These repairs typically involve patching or reinforcing sections of flashing to restore its effectiveness and weatherproofing capabilities.
  2. Moderate Repairs: For more significant damage or deterioration, moderate repairs may be necessary. Priced between $300 and $500, moderate repairs involve addressing larger areas of damage or replacing sections of flashing to ensure proper sealing and protection against water intrusion.
  3. Extensive Repairs: In cases of severe damage or extensive wear, extensive repairs may be required to restore the integrity of your chimney's flashing. Extensive repair projects start at $600 and can range up to $700 or more, depending on factors such as the size of the flashing, the complexity of the repair, and any additional safety considerations.

At Instant Chimney, our Hardie plank siding services encompass a wide range of pricing options tailored to meet your specific needs:

  1. Minor Repairs: Starting at $300, minor repairs address small-scale damage or imperfections in your Hardie plank siding. These repairs typically involve patching or replacing individual sections of siding to restore its integrity and appearance.
  2. Partial Replacement: For more extensive damage or localized issues, partial replacement of Hardie plank siding may be necessary. Pricing for partial replacement varies based on the size of the affected area, ranging from $500 to $3,000. This option allows for targeted repairs while preserving the majority of your existing siding.
  3. Total Replacement: In cases of severe damage, extensive wear and tear, or if you're seeking a comprehensive upgrade, total replacement of your Hardie plank siding may be the best solution. Total replacement projects start at $3,500 and can range up to $6,500 or more, depending on factors such as the size of your home, the complexity of the installation, and any additional customization options.

Factors Influencing Pricing:

* Size of the Project: The square footage of your home and the amount of siding needing repair or replacement directly impact the overall cost of the project.

* Level of Risk: Factors such as accessibility, height, and potential safety hazards associated with the installation site can affect pricing.

* Scope of Work: The complexity of the project, including any additional tasks such as trim replacement, caulking, or painting, will be factored into the pricing estimate.

* Material Selection: Premium options, additional features, or customized finishes may incur extra costs but can enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of your Hardie plank siding.

At Instant Chimney, our chimney concrete crown services offer flexible pricing options tailored to your specific needs:

  1. Standard Crown Repair: Starting at $500, standard crown repairs address minor cracks or deterioration in the chimney's concrete crown. These repairs typically involve patching or sealing small areas of damage to prevent water penetration and prolong the life of the crown.
  2. Moderate Crown Repair: For more extensive damage or wear, moderate crown repairs may be necessary. Priced between $1,000 and $2,000, moderate repairs involve addressing larger cracks or areas of deterioration and may require additional reinforcement to ensure structural integrity.
  3. Crown Replacement: In cases of severe damage or structural issues, crown replacement may be the best solution. Replacement projects start at $2,500 and can range up to $3,500 or more, depending on factors such as the size of the crown, the complexity of the demolition and rebuilding process, and any additional reinforcement or customization required.

Factors Influencing Pricing:

* Crown Height: The height of the chimney's concrete crown directly impacts the cost of repairs or replacement. Taller crowns may require additional materials and labor to access and repair effectively.

* Risk Factors: Accessibility to the chimney, as well as any safety considerations such as roof pitch or surrounding obstacles, can influence the complexity of the repair job and may affect pricing accordingly.

* Crown Size: The size of the chimney's concrete crown will also factor into the overall cost of repairs or replacement. Larger crowns may require more materials and labor to repair or replace effectively.

* Demolition and Rebuild: If extensive demolition and rebuilding are required to address structural issues with the crown, additional costs may be incurred for labor and materials.

At Instant Chimney, our chimney cap replacement services offer flexible pricing options tailored to your specific needs:

  1. Standard Cap Replacement: Starting at $550, standard cap replacements address minor wear or damage to your chimney cap. These replacements typically involve installing a new cap of similar size and style to the original, providing essential protection against debris and wildlife intrusion.
  2. Upgraded Cap Replacement: For enhanced durability and longevity, upgraded cap replacements may be preferred. Priced between $650 and $750, upgraded replacements feature higher-quality materials such as stainless steel or copper, offering superior resistance to rust and corrosion for long-term protection.

Factors Influencing Pricing:

* Chimney Height: The height of your chimney directly influences the cost of cap replacement, as taller chimneys may require additional materials and labor for installation.

* Risk Factors: Accessibility to the chimney, as well as any safety considerations such as roof pitch or surrounding obstacles, can impact the complexity of the replacement job and may affect pricing accordingly.

* Cap Type: The type of chimney cap selected will also factor into the overall cost. Options include standard galvanized caps or premium stainless steel or copper caps, each with varying price points based on material quality and durability.

At Instant Chimney, our chimney chase cover restoration and installation services offer flexible pricing options tailored to your specific needs:

  1. Standard Restoration/Installation: Starting at $650, standard restoration or installation projects address minor wear or damage to your chimney chase cover. These services typically involve cleaning, repairing, or replacing the existing cover with a standard-sized replacement to restore functionality and protection.
  2. Customized Restoration/Installation: For tailored solutions to unique chimney chase cover challenges, customized projects may be required. Priced between $1,200 and $2,800, customized restoration or installation projects address larger covers, extensive rust or damage, and may involve custom fabrication to ensure a precise fit and optimal performance.

Factors Influencing Pricing:

* Risk Factors: Accessibility to the chimney, as well as any safety considerations such as roof pitch or surrounding obstacles, can impact the complexity of the restoration or installation job and may affect pricing accordingly.

* Cover Size: The size of your chimney chase cover will also influence the overall cost, with larger covers requiring more materials and labor for restoration or installation.

* Level of Rust: Extensive rust or corrosion on the existing cover may necessitate additional cleaning or repair work, which can impact the final price.

* Customization Needs: If your chimney chase cover requires custom fabrication to address specific challenges or fit irregular dimensions, additional costs may be incurred for materials and labor.

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Thank you for making our chimney operational again in such a timely manner! Rico and his team were great

Tolin Whitworth

I am thoroughly impressed with the job that Roberto and Tolin did for me. I was in need of a chimney repair and they were cordial, efficient and the work was done very quickly

Emily Simmons

I was blown away by their professionalism and overall quality of service. I called to set up an appointment for a chimney sweep and from the first phone call, I knew I was in good hands. They knew what they were doing, explained the process to me and had the job done in no time. A seamless process, thank you

Jake Knight

I found Instant Chimney on Google and had them rebuild my chimney top. The guys were friendly, tidy and meticulous. Well done!

Duane Lindsey

My fireplace was making smoke inside the house and a friend referred Instant Chimney to me. Rico arrived promptly and he was honest and professional throughout, and I was very happy with his efforts!

Lisa Wilson

These guys came to do a fireplace cement repair and I was so impressed with them. They were organized, fast and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the work 1

Santos Burke

On the spot with there work. Extremely professional. Reasonable pricing. Very knowledgeable . Even gave us recommendation's for other vendors. Hire hire hire!!

Gus M.

They were very professional and did a wonderful job. The fireplaces had not been used in over 5 years. The cleaned the damper put a cover on the chimney, repaired some other things and the fireplaces are now good for another 25 years.

Judi J.

I have never used my fireplace since I purchased my home over 10 years ago. Never inspected, never cleaned so when I saw a leak in my ceiling where there were no water pipes I figured the leak must be coming from the fireplace. Rico and Tolin contacted me and offered a free inspection...

Charo B.

Came out on Labor Day, took care of problem

Frank S.

I was impressed with the professionalism and prompt attention.

Robin R.

Very professional and was available to answer all my questions. They came on time and completed the work in a timely manner. Always replied to my text. Extremely helpful.

Kandy B.

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Common Issues & Concerns

“Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and proper clearances,” according to National Fire Protection Association Standard 211. If required, cleaning, upkeep, and repairs must be made.
Creosote deposits in your chimney, a normal byproduct of burning wood, are to blame for the odor. Sometimes when it’s hot outside, when the humidity is higher, and when the air conditioner is running, the smell is worse. While a thorough sweep will help, it typically won’t solve the issue entirely.
This has become quite a common issue in modern air-tight houses where weather-proofing has sealed up the air infiltration routes. The fireplace in use exhausts household air until a negative pressure situation happens. If the house is tight, the simplest route for makeup air to enter the structure is often the unused fireplace chimney. As air is drawn down the unused flue, it picks up smoke that is exiting nearby from the fireplace in use and delivers the smoke to your living area. The solution is to introduce makeup air to the house so that the negative pressure problem is no longer a problem, thus eliminating not only the smoke issue, but also the potential for carbon monoxide to be drawn back down the furnace. Another solution is to install a top-mount damper on the fireplace that is used the least.
Yes! Gas burns cleaner than other fuels, but bird nests, animals, or other debris blocking the flue can cause the chimney to stop working. With the typical flues designed for older generations of furnaces, some newer furnaces can also cause a lot of issues. To be safe, it is best to check the areas for gas and carbon monoxide.
A complete chimney sweeping includes the chimney flue and smoke chamber. You will be able to visibly see the that the flue is cleaner. Ask for a report after the sweeping is done.
Insulation is not necessary for oil- and gas-fired appliance liners to meet installation and warranty requirements set forth by the manufacturers. Less heat transfer and lower flue gas temperatures make it less likely that they will ignite nearby combustible materials. There are provisions that permit the chimney liner to be installed in a method known as a zero/zero install if combustible materials are in close proximity to the chimney. The idea of insulating each liner that serves a wood-burning appliance makes more sense. Insulation in the liner will help all appliances, including those that burn gas and oil and are vented into an outdoor chimney.
It is safe to burn dry, seasoned firewood in your fireplace. Dry firewood typically has a moisture content of less than 20% and has been properly stored for at least six months to a year. Hardwoods like oak, maple, birch, and ash are excellent choices as they burn longer and produce more heat. Softwoods like pine and fir can also be burned, but they tend to burn faster and produce less heat. It is important to avoid burning treated wood, painted wood, or any materials that may release toxic fumes when burned. Additionally, never burn trash, cardboard, or paper products in your fireplace as they can cause excessive smoke and potentially start a chimney fire.

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We are a small family-oriented chimney sweep and repair company located in Houston. We have well over a decade of experience in small projects as well as big ones. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the very best service in the industry. Most of our business is from word-of-mouth and we would love to exceed your expectations.

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I am so amazed and thankful! Very good work and design. I'm very satisfied with their service. God bless your company!

– Helen M.

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We love giving back to our community here in Houston, which is why we donate with every project done!

We are on a mission to improve the lives of our friends, colleagues, pets, and heroes. When you hire us you're not only getting top-notch service for the best price, but you also do good to our community. Call us to learn more about our cause.


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