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When was your last Chimney Inspection?

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Why You Need One Currently The end of the fireplace season or the beginning of the chimney season are typically considered the best times to have the chimney inspected. You might also believe that because you don’t use your fireplace, you don’t require a chimney check.

The truth is that even if you aren’t using your fireplace, your heating system is still probably being vented through your chimney. The flue gases are often carried up and out of the house by the heating system vent, which typically runs parallel to the fireplace flue. The following are items you can look for and things the inspection will reveal:

Chimney Inspection can Reduce the Carbon Monoxide Risk

We’re all probably aware of the risks associated with carbon monoxide poisoning, but did you know that a blocked chimney flue can accidentally cause the discharge of toxic gases and other harmful substances, which can then allow carbon monoxide to enter the home?

Identify the issues your chimney is having.

Regular chimney inspections can address problems with your chimney, such as flue damage, masonry cracks, leaks, or failing brickwork, preventing the need for costly repairs and further harm to your house.

Ensure Improved Home Heating

Better house heating will surely be possible with a clean chimney. The excess creosote and other debris are removed when your chimney is properly swept, allowing for maximum flow. Better efficiency and hence less money spent on wintertime home heating result from a clear path.

Stay on top of your maintenance! We highly recommend getting your Chimney Inspection scheduled now, avoiding potential operation outages when you need it most.